Who We Are

Our Story

Sero! Learning Assessments, Inc., is the world’s leading provider of concept map-based learning assessments, through its Sero! platform, professional development and content services.

In Latin, sero means “to join together.” You see it in words like serotonin, which “joins together” neurons.
In concept maps, the relations join together the concepts to form propositions, basic units of knowledge.


Here’s how we got here…

  • Early 1970's

    Joseph Novak and colleagues invent concept mapping to enable meaningful learning

  • 1970's - 2000's

    Use and research of concept mapping expands globally, at all levels of learning
  • 2007

    Perigean Technologies is founded to advance the state of the art in concept mapping
  • 2009

    National Assessment of Educational Progress Science Framework includes concept mapping as a recommended Interactive Computer Task
  • 2014

    The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency funds project to assess a game-based version of Sero! for potential to improve adaptive reasoning skills in adults
  • 2016

    Perigean Technologies develops Sero! v.1 for the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative - featured here.
  • 2017

    ReliabilityFirst evaluates Sero! v.1  for viability of its end-to-end model for eliciting and assessing professional knowledge
  • 2017

    The e-Assessment Association awards Sero! v.1 the distinction of Highly Commended, Innovation Category at the e-Assessment Awards
  • 2017

    Founding of Sero! Learning Assessments, Inc. (SLA)

  • 2018

    The Association of Test Publishers selects Sero! v.1 to participate in its first Innovation Lab for technologies that could revolutionize the assessment and testing industry - featured here and here.
  • 2018

    Common Sense Education releases first review: 3-stars,

    "Fresh approach to assessment through concept maps shows promise"

  • 2018

    Sero! v.1 makes short list for a Reimagination Education award in the Learning Assessment Category
  • 2019

    The Air Force Research Laboratory funds an initiative to include formative assessment and mental model comparison capabilities in Sero! v.2
  • 2020

    The Army Research Institute awards contract (with partners at Universities of Michigan and Texas) to explore and develop automated authoring algorithms for concept mapping-based assessments in Sero! v.3
  • 2022

    Sero!, v.3 released


Along the way, we’ve published about our expertise in concept mapping and our progress with Sero!.

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The SLA Team

Brian Moon

Founder and CEO

Chip Johnston

Chief Technology Officer

Judy Munoz-Lollar

Software Engineer / Designer

Sneha Nair

Software Engineer

Emma Bross

Interaction Designer

Kristine Hadeed

Branding Officer

Our Board

We are honored to be advised by these distinguished members of the concept mapping, e-assessment, and business communities:

Dr. Richard Shavelson

Margaret Jacks Professor of Education, Stanford University

Dr. Peter W. Foltz

Executive Director of the National Science Foundation AI Institute for Student-AI Teaming

Dr. Maria Araceli Ruiz-Primo

Professor of Education, Stanford University

Professor Ian Kinchin

Department of Higher Education, University of Surrey

Professor Paulo Correia

Universidade de São Paulo