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Sero! v.3.0

Expanded capabilities that move assessment well beyond multiple choice.

A suite of assessment types for flexible application across the assessment spectrum – from diagnostic to formative and summative

  • Skeleton Maps that offer multiple methods to enable Takers to express their knowledge
  • Build-a-Map that lets Takers represent their mental model of learning content

Sero! User Documentation describes all the v.3.0 features 


Easy-to-use concept mapping editor for drafting ReferenceMaps that capture the key knowledge being assessed

Intuitive, semi-automated authoring workflow that guides authors through the best practices for making good assessment maps

File management to support rapid, flexible authoring


Flexible assignment options for groups of your Sero! Learners

Cloud-based integration with other digital and learning management tools for sending, submitting, and passing results


Multiple instructional supports – including in-app help and tutorials – to ensure ease of use 

Numerous options for feedback, ReferenceMap viewing, and tracking progress to facilitate a range of assessment experiences

Support for Learners to author their own maps as study guides

Analysis and Visualization

Multi-tiered analyses to compare Learners to each other, the group, and the standard of knowledge

Interactive visual reporting that show trends at a glance and allows deeper dives to the student level

Review scores and Learners responses for a balanced assessment