Sero! receives 3-Star (Recommended) Review from Common Sense Education

Common Sense Education has published its review of Sero!, awarding 3 Stars overall and 4 Stars for Pedagogy.

Among the highlights:

“Fresh approach to assessment through concept maps shows promise.”

“Sero! has the potential to be one of those neat tools that can be used in nearly any learning situation.”

“Concept maps are a welcome break from multiple-choice and basic recall assessments.”

“Several steps above the typical multiple-choice assessment.”

“The site is uncluttered and designed with ease of use in mind.”

“The different types of questions keep it interesting, and the connecting phrases serve as hints without making the answers obvious, engaging students in the kind of logical thinking that helps them to cement understanding.”

The rating also lands Sero! on the Top Tech Tools for Formative Assessment list –