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A custom jump-start into Sero! v.3.0

Let us create your first concept map

Simply fill out the form below and our experts will create your first concept map and load it to your account. 

We’ll show you how it can look as a Skeleton Map or Build-a-Map — and you’ll be able to edit it to meet your needs. 

Then just assign to your Takers and you’re ready to go!

(Give us 24 hours to get it ready…)

What to think about for your first assessment...

You’ll want to consider these tips when creating any Sero! assessment

What is my Focus Question?

The focus question is the prompt that Takers will respond to — it gives the assessment context.

What propositions do I need?

Concept maps are organized sets of these. Include as many as needed to answer the focus question. 

Skeleton Map or Build-a-Map?

Sero! will help you figure out which is best for your concept map, and how difficult it might be for Takers.

What results can they see?

Sero! can let your Takers see their results compared to your map, which will help them learn even more.

What are their results telling me?

Sero! will show you individual and group results and let you compare Takers.