Sero! Quick Start Guide for Assessors

Start using Sero! concept mapping-based assessments to tailor your instruction and accelerate learning – today!

12 minutes

Table of Contents


1. Create your Sero! account

The Sero! Quick Start Guide for Assessors will make the most sense if you use it while making your first assessment in real-time.

Sign up for a free trial account HERE to access the Sero! Assessor Portal.

2. Add your learners

Make sure you’ve added your Learner groups before assigning your first assessment.

You may add Learners one at a time by entering their names and email addresses, or import a list of Learner information from a spreadsheet .

You can find more detailed instructions HERE.

3. Prepare learners for their first Sero! assessment

As with any new tool or learning method, you will need to give prep learners and give them a chance to practice before assigning them a graded Sero! assessment.

Find more guidance on how to introduce learners to Sero! HERE.

Create, assign, and analyze your first assessment

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